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Russell Pearce Shares "Some Tears" with DREAM Act Students?

Pearce confronts DREAM Act students in 2010

I'll have more to say soon about recalled former state Senate President Russell Pearce's Tuesday appearance at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Senate Bill 1070. There was some good stuff in the nearly two hour donnybrook, especially from U.S. Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin, who gave Pearce a bit of a shellacking.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share this unusual quote from Pearce regarding DREAM Act students, which occurs at about 1:24:19 in the C-Span video of the hearing:

"I've met with these students at ASU," Pearce tells Durbin. "I've met with a bunch of them that are in that status, and we even shared some tears together. Some of them are wonderful kids. And I don't know how you carve out -- the way this bill works it's always a blanket for everybody. Doesn't carve out individually. It's a blanket amnesty for those folks." 

Following the hearing, reporters from Arizona and elsewhere mobbed Pearce. Leave it to Channel 12's Brahm Resnik to ask Pearce the question I was most curious about; i.e., when and where did this tear-sharing actually take place?

"I was at the convention at the downtown during the last election, 2010," Pearce states at 1:50:01 in, "We went off in the corner, about a half dozen of us and I have to admit I was very touched. These were exceptional kids and I understood their plight, and again, that's why I say, exceptions I think can be carved out. But you can't just do blanket policies and forgive the world for breaking our laws. Or use taxpayer dollars to subsidize it."

Could Pearce be talking about this confrontation above between him and DREAM Act students, which took place on election night 2010, at the Hyatt in downtown Phoenix?

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