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Russell Pearce Stomped in His Own Precinct, and Bob Worsley Footage from Election Night (w/Update)

Worsley, with his wife Christi, on primary night

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If you want to get a snapshot of how devastating recalled, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce's loss was in his comeback state Senate bid for Legislative District 25, take a look at the precinct-by-precinct vote counts from Tuesday, available on the Maricopa County Recorder's website.

As has been noted already by some supporters of state Senator-elect Bob Worsley, Tuesday's victor in the LD 25 GOP primary, Pearce lost his own precinct, the Candlelight precinct, to Worsley, who scored 663 votes to Pearce's 582.

The same was true for all of the precincts surrounding Pearce's, save for the Lehi precinct, where Pearce eked out a 227 to 218 win.

Further afield, in the Leisure World precinct, Mesa's version of Jurassic Park, Worsley bested Pearce 310 to 305.

Even the fossils said no to the dinosaur.

Worsley talks DREAMers, Stan Turley, and his goals for the Legislature

If you're wondering, Worsley handily took his own Groves precinct, 390 to 172.

Despite the kvetching of right-wing hack Constantin Querard and others associated with the Pearce team that it was all the media's fault for the ton of negative coverage Pearce garnered (most of it due to cretinous moves pulled by Querard and Pearce), these precinct results indicate that the people who know Pearce best, his own neighbors, soundly rejected him.

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