Russell Pearce's Idiot Pal Matt Tolman Doubles Down on Stupid (w/Update)

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Stupid is as stupid does. 

Not only has Matt Tolman, the real-estate rocket scientist behind the scurrilous pro-Pearce signs all over Mesa (signs the city has ordered him to remove because they are unlawful), been dumb enough to post a photo of his daughter's rear-end on his public Facebook page, now he wants to blame his own bonehead move on those opposing state Senator Russell Pearce in the upcoming recall election.

Tolman is the chairman of Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall. He keeps his FB page public and uses it to spread false rumors about those who are working against Pearce in Legislative District 18. 

He also posts photos of his family on this same Facebook page, for all the world to see.

This would not be that big of a deal, maybe, if this creepy, spelling-challenged idiot had not posted a photo of his teenage daughter's hindquarters on his page. Even his own daughter objected to the photo, writing, "Dad?" under it to express her disapproval.

As of midnight tonight, he still had the image up, here

(UPDATE 8/25/11, 7:23 AM: As of Thursday morning, Tolman finally had removed the photos of his family from his public FB page. He also made his "wall" private. Congrats, genius. It took a while, but you got the message.)

And this, after some Pearce critics on FB advised him to remove the offending photo!

Has Tolman had brain surgery lately, or was he born this deficient? 

The guy posted the statement up top late this evening, pointing the finger at someone else for his own shortcomings as a father. I hate to sound like a GOPer, but what the hell ever happened to personal responsibility?

Maybe the next time this jerk is in a car accident, he should blame it on Pearce's opponents. What if he runs over a cat? Uh, Randy Parraz must have put the cat there. If Tolman forgets to pay his credit card bill? Chad Snow's fault. He runs out of gas? Probably Obama. 

What kills me about this Republitard is that he still has this weird, icky pic of his kid's clothed (thankfully) posterior on his still public Facebook page. Did Tolman just walk out of a rerun of Green Acres? Arnold the pig would be mortified.

I was willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. In a previous post, I said I believed this bonehead move to be innocent. 

I'm now left to conclude that the man is a hopeless imbecile. One step above being institutionalized. That's being generous.

And this doofus is a real estate agent? Would you buy a house, or a used car, or a pair of worn sneakers on EBay from this moron?

Man, do I feel sorry for his family. This dope makes Homer Simpson look like Steve Jobs, for cryin' out loud. 

Unless, of course, Tolman is secretly working to undermine Pearce by acting like an idgit, when he is in fact a master manipulator? Either way, Matt Tolman is the best friend the anti-Pearce camp has ever had.

Other than Pearce himself, natch.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.