Russell Pearce Recall

Russell Pearce's Nemesis Randy Parraz and Fellow CBA Members Blast Pearce's Personal $260K Welfare Plan

If the plot to give 12 point-loser and former state Senate President Russell Pearce $260,000 is squashed (and I'm not convinced that it has been), it will be because of the efforts of Randy Parraz and Citizens for a Better Arizona, the folks that made the Pearce recall a reality in 2011.

Sure, before today, a couple of publications had written about the conspiracy to help Pearce cash in, with the Capitol Times being ahead of the pack, but it had raised little dust elsewhere. 

So late last week when the Pearce welfare train looked like it was approaching the station, Parraz planned a press conference for today at the state Senate.

Every media outlet was present, and most importantly, the TV cameras were there en masse, soaking up a stunt where Parraz and his fellow CBA-ers attempted to present state Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs -- a Pearce loyalist and leader of the effort to reimburse him -- with a resolution calling on Biggs and his colleagues to stay true to their small government, Tea Party roots, and just say no to welfare for Russ.

Biggs, of course, would not come out of hiding to meet with Parraz, and the Senate doors were locked to all but lobbyists, so Parraz had the dozen or so CBA members present sign the resolution. Then he slid it under the Senate doors.

"This is another embarrassment," Parraz said after leaving his little present for Biggs. "[Pearce] got beat by 12 points, so he should pay us all back...You don't get recalled for doing your job. You get recalled because you didn't do your job."

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