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Russell Pearce's Pal Constantin Querard's New Signs and Web Site

Butter wouldn't melt in Constantin Querard's mouth. Querard's one of the sleazy backers of state Senate President Russell Pearce, and as you all now know, he's suspected of being the "brains" behind the sham candidacy of recall queen-for-a-day Olivia Cortes. 

He also has a history in Arizona politics of shady deals and dirty pool. And it has been suggested, though not proven by any means, that he could have been behind those mysterious "Si, Se Puede" signs of Cortes'. The ones the City of Mesa has finally taken down, and which the Arizona Secretary of State's Office is finally probing.

It would be easy for him. He does have his own printing company, High Noon Campaign Products. Have called and e-mailed Querard about this, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. That's OK. I know he's busy these days dodging TV cameras.

So why would anyone believe anything Querard puts up in support of his pal Russ? That's the question that comes to mind in relation to signs posted by Querard's independent expenditure committee Arizona Deserves the Best

The placards tout a Web site that's not up yet, MeetRussellPearce.com, registered under Querard's name.

Anyhoo, thanks to Robert McDonald for the pics of these signs he spotted while roaming around Mesa. McDonald deserves credit for first raising the issue of Cortes' candidacy and her "Si, Se Puede" placards with the Arizona Secretary of State's Office

Though the SOS initially declined to investigate, the office has recently changed course, as has been mentioned. Bully for Ken Bennett. He apparently has the stones that Arizona's Attorney General Tom Horne lacks.

Addendum: About the Web site ArizonaDeservestheBest.com, it's interesting to note those speaking on Pearce's behalf. These include two lobbyists, Sarah Raybon of Western Sky Consulting, and Gretchen Jacobs of Arizona Governmental Affairs. His sister Kathy Pearce. (Kathy's daughter Shilo Sessions circulated petitions for Cortes.) Lickspittle state House Representative Steve "Malinche" Montenegro. And Querard himself. 

Family members, lobbyists and toadies. Nice. 

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