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Russell Pearce's Unconstitutional, Un-American Attack on U.S. Citizen Children

So was anyone surprised by neo-Nazi-hugging state Senator Russell Pearce's press conference yesterday announcing that he'll be targeting U.S. citizen children in a racist attempt to undermine the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment guarantee of birthright citizenship?

Well, you might have been had you read an October 10, Associated Press piece discussing those Republicans vying to be the next state Senate president. Pearce is one of them, and he assured the AP that despite his love of ethnic cleansing, he would be taking a back seat on the immigration issue if elected state Senate president.

Check this excerpt:

"Pearce said in an interview that if elected Senate president he plans to let other lawmakers lead the charge on 2011 legislation on illegal immigration. Those could include legislation to deny U.S. citizenship to children born in this country to parents who are both illegal immigrants and to toughen the employer sanctions law."

And this one:

"His being elected president `probably helps' the chances of additional legislation on illegal immigration, Pearce said. `I will help usher those bills if they're good public policy.'

"On the other hand, `for those folks that are a little wimpy on this issue, the best thing they can hope is that I'm president because my time will be spent doing a lot of other things that are very important,' he said. `My biggest concentration will be growing jobs, reducing the burdens on families and businesses, and balancing the budget.'"

Hmmm, bullet-head cracker from Mesa speak with forked tongue. Not that it's a first for Pearce, mind you, who spews bogus stats whenever he needs to bolster his nativist agenda. 

But, what did it take, nine days from the publication of that AP article till Pearce was holding a presser, vowing to deny birth certificates to American citizen children born of illegal immigrant parents?

How much you wanna bet Pearce's campaign for state Senate president ain't going so well? After all, that AP interview was Pearce's lame attempt to make himself seem somewhat moderate, and not the anti-Mexican nut we all know him to be.

I've addressed the racist attack on the 14th Amendment at length in a past Bird column, so I won't go over all that old ground here. However, I do want to point out that what Pearce and his xenophobic allies are attempting is illegal under the highest law in the land, the U.S. Constitution.

Because other than granting birthright citizenship, the 14th Amendment also prevents the states from stripping citizens of their rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

Indeed, the 14th Amendment says that, "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States."

Now isn't that exactly what Pearce is trying to do? And therefore, isn't he "breaking the law"? You know, just like the illegal aliens he so obviously hates?

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