Russell Pearce's Unsolved Mullet Mysteries: The Sham Endorsement

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Brian Nissen is a comedy genius. During the recall last year, his Citrus Valley Playhouse did some hi-larious sketch comedy bits based on the shenanigans being pulled by the followers of disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce.

This election season, Nissen's running characters, Dwain Polk and his twin brother Dwite, are caught up in yet another Pearce-related sham-wow controversy, this one over the so-called "Arizona Teacher's [sic] Association," which has (ahem) "endorsed" Pearce for state Senate in Legislative District 25.

Seems Dwite becomes the sole member of the A.T.A because he teaches shop at Apache Junction High. Such is the first in what Dwain refers to as his "Unsolved Mullet Mysteries." Heh.

Excellent work, Brian. And keep 'em comin'. How about a Scooby Doo-type Mullet Mystery on how Pearce gets dead people to endorse him? Might as well get your licks in. We may not have Pearce to kick around as much after August 28.

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