Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's Young Nemesis Andrew Sherwood: The Dark Horse I Like

Sherwood gets the Dennis Gilman treatment in this YouTube video

Andrew Sherwood may not slay the anti-immigrant goliath, neo-Nazi-huggin' state Senator Russell Pearce, but he's got the right idea on how to take on the beast. And that is, talk about everything Pearce's not doing, and all the stuff he's doing wrong.

You have to admire Sherwood's gumption at taking a shot at Pearce. As I mentioned in my Bird column this week, Sherwood's not afraid of the subject of immigration, or of calling Pearce out on SB 1070 in Pearce's own back yard -- LD18.

Largely, Dems statewide have been petrified of attacking 1070, just as they were afraid of pulling out all the stops against it in the state legislature before it passed. Their pusillanimity will be rewarded with four more years of Republican rule.

The path to power is twofold: Hack away at your enemies like you're Jeffrey Dahmer during a feeding frenzy; and offer the voters an alternative. Give your base a reason to go to the polls. Don't just mimic the stale, hate-filled positions of your opponents. You know, like Jon Hulburd's been doing.

I fear a Hulburd win in CD3 will send the wrong message to the Dems. That is, to beat a Republican, you have to become a Republican in disguise and abandon Democratic principles.

I'm all for borrowing the GOPs slash and burn tactics. But the ends justify the means only if you get the ends you want. Otherwise, you might as well hand the tuskers the keys to the kingdom and start selling Amway. Or SC Johnson products. Take your pick.

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