Scottsdale Police Use Twitter to Advise Radio Host Johnjay Van Es to Pay Photo Radar Tickets

Radio host John Jay Van Es, of Johnjay and Rich, um, fame, must not be a diligent Valley Fever reader. If he were, he would know the ins-and-outs of how to beat a photo radar ticket.

Instead, the morning-drive loudmouth boasted on his radio show this morning that he had received his eighth and ninth photo-radar tickets in the last 48 hours and he hasn't paid a single one.

Johnjay's public outing of himself didn't end there. On his Twitter page -- after revealing his lead-foot to his audience, which is almost certainly comprised of at least a few of the boys in blue -- Johnjay posted a picture taken at his latest Redflex photo shoot and posed a question to his followers.

"Do I have to pay? I've ignored all," Johnjay tweets.

It seems the tech-savvy tweeters at the Scottsdale Police Department tune in to Johnjay's show because they had some advice for the speedy DJ.

"I'd pay it," the Scottsdale Police Department wrote as a reply to Johnjay's post on its official Twitter page.

"I've completely ignored it, and it's turned into this controversy," Johnjay said this morning during an interview on his show. "There's a good chance I'm going to go to jail."

No shit, dumby. Thousands of people ignore photo radar tickets without "controversy" -- most just have the sense to not advertise it on the radio during the morning commute.

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