Sedona Man Plans on Jumping Off a Tall Rock on December 21, Believes He'll Land in a Portal

A Sedona man plans on jumping off a very tall rock on December 21, and he believes he will be landing in a cosmic portal.

Peter Gersten, a retired lawyer -- who, at one point, became "professionally involved with the UFO phenomenon" -- has been detailing his lead-up to the opening of a portal at the base of Sedona's Bell Rock for at least two years now.

Honestly, we don't really understand the thing. It has something to do with the Mayan calendar end-of-the-world theories, space, some stuff that sounds consistent with the Matrix movies, and big red rocks.

We've read Gersten's explanation, and we've had e-mail conversations with Gersten before, in which he's promised to answer every question we have -- as long as we're sitting at the top of Bell Rock together.

So, at this point, here's what we do understand from Gersten's writings, as far as basic explanations go:

Most of you will think that I am delusional and that my insane act will certainly result in my death. Death is inevitable - at least nowadays - and 100 years from now it won't matter whether I died in 2012 or 2013 or even 2020. But I believe that some type of cosmic portal will be opening at that time and place and that an opportunity will present itself. I fully expect that it will either lead to the next level of this cosmic program; freedom from an imprisoning time-loop; a magical Martian-like bubble; or something equally as exotic.

In March 2012 I will reach 70 years of age and nine months later we arrive at the cosmic coordinate. I think it will then be time for me to move on - in one form or another. I'd like to see what else our Cosmic Computer has to offer.

Now, it's not entirely clear if Gersten is actually going to jump off this rock on December 21.

He is, however, going to be up there that day, waiting.

"I will be on the top of Bell Rock on 12-21-2012 from at least 11:00 am to either midnight or the manifestation of an extraordinary event - whichever comes first," Gersten told us in an e-mail.

Although his plans have been detailed online for the past couple of years, Gertsen did write in his online journal earlier this year that he has been diagnosed with an "unusual form of cancer," so it's not clear how that's affected him throughout this whole thing.

Regardless, if you've been noticing 11:11 in your life -- or if you just want to check out what happens -- head to Bell Rock on December 21.

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