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Shocker: Ashlee Simpson doesn't wow with her Super Bowl party performance

Ashlee Simpson Concert Wednesday, Jan. 31 MYST in Scottsdale


It's just like a young pre-Madonna to keep everyone waiting. Ashlee Simpson was nearly two hours late to her own concert, finally arriving in style in a MYST limo with boyfriend and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz. The spunky pair was dressed all in black -- a bit wanna-be-punk for the posh and glam Scottsdale crowd -- but stopped to chat on the red carpet.

Wentz told one reporter that he was heading inside to dance to his girlfriend's band. He didn't try to hide his lack of knowledge about sports, at all. When asked about the Super Bowl this weekend, Wentz simply said, "I don't know a whole lot about sports."

Aja Viafora

Ashlee Simpson arrived late for her show at Myst, with boyfriend Pete Wentz in tow.

Simpson and Wentz were the last celebs to arrive. Charlie Sheen's bride-to-be Brook Mueller strutted her stuff down the red carpet. The locally infamous Scottsdale 16 girls from promoter Steve LeVine showed up looking like a bunch of Barbies. Mike Flynn and Spencer Folau of the Baltimore Ravens and Koren Robinson of the Green Bay Packers walked the red carpet. Simpson band members DJ Poet and Prophecy also posed, all riled up and yelling about their upcoming performance.


The place was packed, and when Simpson hit the stage after midnight, she jumped around like a drunken teenie bopper. She sang a handful of songs, including her new single Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya). At the chorus, Simpson grabbed her head and thrashed around.

(I got in, but my camera didn't, so I can't show you photos of Simpson on stage, looking like Cousin It with her sweaty hair hiding her face.)

At least she didn't lip-sync, but her voice often hit a brick wall and after each song, she let out a high-pitched raspy yelp that sounded like a fake orgasm. Simpson got up close with the audience, bendind down to stare at people with an almost creepy look. Her body writhed around like a snake and her hands were in constant motion, formulating what were either sign language letters and or rock star signs.

After she sang Murder, she took a breath and encouraged some serious partying, "All you fellas, buy some ladies some...shots!"

After her long-anticipated and short-lived set, Simpson left the stage and there was a definite lack of applause. Some concertgoers continued to dance but the majority cleared out of the club quickly.


"I love Ashlee, but it sounds like karaoke," Meredith Brooks, Phoenix.

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Aja Viafora
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