Snoop Dogg takes a chronic shower at Bud Bowl

So Snoop Dogg comes to Scottsdale to blow the roof off Bud Bowl at Axis/Radius, and there are only two problems: one, there's not really a "roof," as the stage was set up outside, and two, there aren't enough of the right kind of buds at Bud Bowl.

"Anybody got some chronic?" Snoop asks from the stage. "I didn't say regular weed, I said chronic. If you got chronic, you better blaze it up. I want some chronic in the air."

A few puff clouds of smoke fill the air over the massive crowd at Axis/Radius, but nothing's coming Snoop's way. "I thought you were gonna share," he says. "I get one joint out of 30,000 motherfuckers? That's all I get? That would be like me coming up here, singing one song, and leaving. Are you not entertained?"

Snoop's instantly covered in a shower of joints from the audience. There's so much bud flying at his feet, he has to say, "Okay, okay, I'm good now!"

Dawn Rosa Cole

Chronic was in the air at Friday's Bud Bowl at Axis/Radius. Watch a slideshow from the party.

There's no way anybody who saw Snoop Dogg's performance could say he wasn't entertaining. Even the pre-show was entertaining, as sexy dancers in skimpy clothing worked their goods around poles placed throughout the venue.

Snoop hit the stage at 11 p.m. (half an hour late), but when he finally got up there, he opened with "Murder Was the Case," and instantly owned the already-drunk throng at Axis/Radius.

Wearing a white hoodie and red gloves, and clutching a microphone decked out with a big piece of bling that read "SNOOP DOGG," the rapper lent a laid-back, slanty-eyed vibe to the event. With a full band (The Snoopadelics) and three backing MCs behind him, Snoop Dogg performed several crowd favorites, including "Freaky Tales," "Ups & Downs," and "187." (The three policemen beside me looked genuinely amused as Snoop chanted "Fuck tha police!").

Snoop also dedicated a song to Tupac Shakur, saying, "Tupac, rest in peace, man!" and performed a new song called "Sensual Seduction," off his forthcoming album (due out March 11).

By the time Snoop Dogg left the stage, there seemed to be no walking room left at all. People were stumbling into each other, tripping over rocks, screaming into cell phones (useless), and acting completely queer, in some cases. There were two guys in the VIP area -- both of whom had dates -- who were smacking each others' asses by the end of the night.

Musta been all that chronic in the air.

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