Sonoran Alliance Blog Lobs Anonymous Grenade at Republican Lobbyist, Gets Blowback

We've been having fun ribbing our in-the-closet blogging buds at Sonoran Alliance for their habitual use of anonymous writers, but today the cyber-conservatives are getting flak from their own kind.

The faceless cowpokes took on Republican lobbyist Farrell Quinlan (right) in a recent blog post, slamming him for accusing state Republican Party chair Randy Pullen of hyping himself in a letter to party members. The actual substance of the inside-baseball spat, written by "STS," makes a great substitute for Ambien. But we appreciated the way Quinlan tears into his cowardly, masked accusers in his own blog post:

All I know is that when someone posts a entry brazenly proclaiming "Policing the Blogosphere" as its title, I'd really appreciate the ability to face my accuser, or at least know them as a real flesh and blood human being.  But who am I to judge the judge, right?  Let's put aside STS's manifest cowardice... er, no... I mean... spunky use of a pseudonym...

The anonymous swipe at Quinlan bothered a couple of commenters on the Sonoran Alliance site, too, including one who wondered aloud whether Randy Pullen wrote the anti-Quinlan post.

We don't know who "STS" is, either, but just to keep things fresh we've adjusted our own version of the Sonoran Alliance logo:

Yippee-ki-yay, blogmeisters. -- Ray Stern

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