Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane's New Joe Arpaio-Squashin' Superhero: Paul Penzone

When I heard Spawn creator Todd McFarlane was doing some art for sheriff's candidate Paul Penzone to raffle off as a fundraiser, I didn't realize he was working on a piece featuring Penzone as a Captain America-esque superhero.

But, hey, it works. Penzone may not be quite this ripped, but unlike roly-poly octogenarian Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Penzone actually looks like he could slap the cuffs on a bad guy.

Arpaio's such a wuss, he goes everywhere with a crew of bodyguards. And I mean, everywhere. Wouldn't surprise me if they follow him to the can.

Sign up for the Penzone/McFarlane fundraiser and purchase a print of Penzone as Super Sheriff.

I can envision Joe as The Penguin a la Danny DeVito. Though, he squawks more like Burgess Meredith's old school version of the villain.

And Republican-doofus-turned-Independent-babyman Mike Stauffer? He doesn't look like he can kick his own keister, much less anyone else's. Even Joe could take that pasty Patton Oswalt-lookalike, I'll bet.

First time I saw Stauffer, I thought, "This guy is a cop?" He seemed like a nice enough fella, at the time. Now we know he's a cross between a weasel and a goat, a joke of a candidate who's doing Arpaio the biggest favor of the sheriff's career.

In any case, seems McFarlane and Penzone are pals because Penzone did some PR work for McFarlane long ago.

"I don't consider myself a superhero," Penzone said on his Facebook page. "But this is a fight of good versus evil. And our team of good citizens, supporters and volunteers will prevail."

Spoken like the next sheriff of Maricopa County.

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