Feathered Bastard

Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane's New Joe Arpaio-Squashin' Superhero: Paul Penzone

When I heard Spawn creator Todd McFarlane was doing some art for sheriff's candidate Paul Penzone to raffle off as a fundraiser, I didn't realize he was working on a piece featuring Penzone as a Captain America-esque superhero.

But, hey, it works. Penzone may not be quite this ripped, but unlike roly-poly octogenarian Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Penzone actually looks like he could slap the cuffs on a bad guy.

Arpaio's such a wuss, he goes everywhere with a crew of bodyguards. And I mean, everywhere. Wouldn't surprise me if they follow him to the can.

Sign up for the Penzone/McFarlane fundraiser and purchase a print of Penzone as Super Sheriff.

I can envision Joe as The Penguin a la Danny DeVito. Though, he squawks more like Burgess Meredith's old school version of the villain.

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