The soon to be "Miss Howard T.V. November," Paulina Sherwood.
The soon to be "Miss Howard T.V. November," Paulina Sherwood.

"Tempe 12" Girl to be Crowned Miss Howard TV; What an Honor

The self-proclaimed "King of all Media" will be honoring one of our own this month for her groundbreaking cancer research and selfless humanitarian work.

Just kidding, it's Stern. She's not a cancer researcher, she's going on the show to be honored for being hot.

On October 15, Paulina Sherwood, an undergraduate at Arizona State University and "Tempe 12's Miss May 2009," will add to her impressive title when she becomes "Miss Howard T.V. November."

Her father must be thrilled.

Sherwood will head to the Sirius Satellite Radio studios in New York, where the Stern show is taped, and talk to Howard about, well, being hot.

In a press release from the gentlemen at "Tempe 12," CEO David Freeman says the girls aren't just empty vessels but "educated, driven, and down-to-earth college girls who just happen to be drop-dead gorgeous."

We'll agree with gorgeous.

"Quite frankly, most of them have no actual interest in modeling!" insists Freedman. "There are a lot more to these girls than their looks, and if you build up enough courage to sit next to one in class, you will see for yourself!"

No interest in modeling, huh? Well, they've certainly chosen an interesting career path then.

The press release encourages Arizonans to tune in to the show at 8:30 a.m. to listen to "the hottest college girl in the country, and possibly the smartest."

Sweet, what's better than listening to a hot chick? But don't worry, we're sure all of Sherwood's friends at MENSA will be tuning in. "Hey now!"  


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