Terri Proud, Tea Party Princess, Chickens Out of LD 9 Run

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than screw-loose GOP state Senator Sylvia Allen suddenly finding the Navajo County Board of Supervisors a more attractive sphere of influence than the lege's upper house, along comes this beautiful news from a recent edition of the Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet.

Dam up the tear ducts, folks: One-term Republican state House Representative Terri Proud, moonhowler extraordinaire, will not be seeking reelection in newly-drawn Legislative District 9, according to the YS.

Yep, seems the Tucson loony toon's belly turned the color of a ripe banana at the thought of running in a district where the Democrats have a registration advantage, unlike LD 26, which she currently represents. So she's taking a powder to go work on GOPer Jerry Weiers campaign for mayor of Glendale.

"I'm sad about [leaving], because I really love what I do," this dangerously dim bulb told the YS. "I love being able to make a difference in people's lives."

Part of making a difference in people's lives for the Tea Party tool has been spewing false and often hateful statements.

The most recent example of the latter was her crazed reaction to a constituent's e-mail urging her to vote no on House Bill 2036, the now-law that bans abortions in Sand Land after 20 weeks.

"Personally I'd like to make a law that mandates a woman watch an abortion being performed prior to having a `surgical procedure,'" Proud wrote to the woman, later adding, "Until the dead child can tell me that she/he does not feel any pain - I have no intentions of clearing the conscience of the living - I will be voting YES."

Sounds like this political freak-of-nature's fishing for a date with spirit-channeler John Edward.

As far facts go, Proud's never liked them too much, as can be evidenced by her record over at AZ Fact Check, which has debunked three false statements from Proud, scoring a fourth as "somewhat true/somewhat false."

Before her foot-in-mouth abortion comment, Proud was best known for her conspiratorial tinfoil-hattery regarding the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, which she would love to see abolished, despite the fact it was brought into being by the voters of this state. 

There was some pettiness mixed in with her anti-AIRC nuttery, however. See, Proud won a close election against Democrat Nancy Wright in 2010, and Wright's campaign treasurer was former Republican and now Democrat Chris Mathis, husband of AIRC chair Colleen Mathis, an Independent.    

Revenge by proxy seemed part of Proud's smears of Mathis, who became a target of the teabaggers for being exactly what she was -- a true Indie that was not going to kowtow to extremists from either party. For this, Mathis was pilloried, with Proud leading the crowd of wannabe-badass knuckledraggers from the right.    

Oh, how the worm has turned. Currently, Mathis remains volunteer chair for the AIRC, while Proud toddles back into obscurity, combing the want-ads for a day job as she goes. 

What is it the Good Book says -- pride goeth before a fall?

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