The Bird exposes Sheriff Joe's racist ties, delves into the Israel Correa madness, and reveals Napolitano as the real Judas


Guess from whom Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently received his marching orders? Hmmm, Satan, maybe? Close, but no cancer stick, chickadees. It's the Valley's meanest anti-immigrant hate group, United for a Sovereign America, which has allowed such far-right wing-nuts as Mesa neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, skinhead Damon Ashenfelter, and Mexican-flag burner Laine Lawless into its fold.

Yep, the brown-bashing U.S.A., led by bigoted ex-Kia peddler Rusty Childress, has an inside track to Nickel Bag Joe. This racist gaggle of knuckledraggers has prevailed upon the county's top constable to temporarily relocate his posse-enhanced persecution of immigrants from its recent stompin' grounds at 32nd Street and Thomas Road, where the MCSO just held an Easter bout of ethnic cleansing.

Next stop, 25th Street and Bell Road, near Salvador Reza's Macehualli Work Center, which caters to mostly Mexican day laborers. There, U.S.A.'s armed brigade of gap-toothed nativists has manned a semi-permanent encampment since January 1. Its members have harassed jornaleros nonstop at the site, terrorizing the neighborhood in the process. Starting this week, Sheriff Joe's gonna do U.S.A.'s bidding by having his boys in beige patrol the area.

During such sweeps, the MCSO will hunt for the undocumented under the guise of routine traffic stops. Anyone the color of a brown paper bag gets the criminal treatment. The publicity stunts are staged to help Joe convince Maricopa County's Hispanic-hating honkies he's the meanest when it comes to migrants, thereby earning their votes.

Joe formally announced his intent to move on up to Macehualli during a Good Friday press conference at 32nd and Thomas. But less than 24 hours earlier, Joe was tipping off his prejudiced fans during one of U.S.A.'s regular Thursday-night white-pride clambakes, currently held at Sunnyslope's Veteran of Foreign Wars Post 9400.

Joe's speech at the VFW post was met with hoots and hollers from U.S.A.'s rabid rabble. Like the egomaniac he is, he ate it up.

"I appreciate your support," he gushed. "You're on the right track. You're doing what you should be doing."

Joe wondered aloud whether there were spies present in the crowd from New Times. Not really spies, Joe, just friends of this wacky warbler who keep him well-informed.

Arpaio rambled on for an hour, denying he's a racist, offering as proof his assistance to the people of Central America via Chief Deputy David Hendershott's notorious Honduran police-training scam. Sure, Joe. The Bird will buy that one when he observes Jabba the Hendershott break down and join Jenny Craig.

Joe crowed that he was investigating Attorney General Terry Goddard and that he'd just come from a going-away party for recently replaced ICE honcho Alonzo Pena.

Joe then pumped up the audience with bigoted comments.

"The good news is, all these people are leaving," he said, speaking of Mexicans in Sand Land. "They're going to other states, or back to Mexico."

The U.S.A. crew went wild. Joe followed up with another callous remark.

"We've got 900 Class 4 felonies we put in jail," he asserted, referring to immigrants arrested for such Class 4 felonies as forgery and held by ICE. "They can't work and send money back to their loved ones if they're behind bars."

U.S.A.'s idgits responded with a sarcastic, "Awwww." See, many of these trailer-park denizens don't hold jobs. They're too busy protestin' them Messcans to work. Smell the irony? Or is that the odor of these unwashed a-holes?

When Joe exited stage left, Childress took over, declaring it was alleged public urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener who'd petitioned a smattering of business owners to pen letters begging Joe to bring his dragnet to 25th and Bell. Galeener, who was cited by Phoenix cops on March 8 for allegedly showing his pee-pee to a mom and her 2-year-old kid, mimicked a foreign gas station proprietor who'd turned him down on writing a letter, mocking the man's accent to the delight of his fellow rednecks.

Galeener said he's retained a lawyer to help him with his indecent exposure "case," so he can "go after the city, Sal Reza, the one who filed the charges, and anyone else who's involved up there."

So this Gabby Hayes lookalike allegedly breaks the law, then sets out to sue those who caught him dead to rights. This is the class of people Arpaio's in cahoots with.

Galeener read a letter to his fellow tools from the VFW Post's Commander Tom Kaifesh, thanking them for a $100 donation "in the name of Elton Hall." Hall, 74, was injured near Macehualli by a two-car crash on February 9 while toting a sign for U.S.A. According to scholarly tomes on white supremacy, the goose-steppin' geezer once organized for George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party.

Hall was present that evening. When Childress introduced him, he received an enthusiastic ovation.

The next day, at Arpaio's Good Friday press conference, Childress was an honored guest.

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