"The Machine" Visits Scottsdale Muni Stadium in Video; Unknown if Leather-Clad Figure was Giants Outfielder Pat Burrell

Figured you might get a chuckle out of this video of "the Machine" taking a stroll among baseball fans last month at Scottsdale Municipal Stadium.

Or, at least, it's someone who dresses like the Machine, a bizarro-scary character from the movie 8mm. We've no idea if the masked man behind the scanty, leather outfit is Pat Burrell, a San Francisco Giants outfielder who reportedly wore similar dress as a stunt with Brian Wilson, a closer for the Giants.

The "gimped-out leatherman" is part of the team's lore by now, and was even once mentioned by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to SF Weekly writer Joe Eskenazi.

We first noticed the video on the local blog site, ScottsdaleArizonaNews.com. When the video was shot is unclear -- a note from a commenter on the YouTube video states that it was the March 20 game against Kansas City. A game schedule, however, says the Kansas City game in Scottsdale was played on March 19.

After "delighting" the Scottsdale crowd with his modeling ability, the masked man is approached by a Scottsdale police officer and escorted from the stadium. Sergeant Mark Clark, Scottsdale police spokesman, tells us that stadium management asked police to kick the guy out. The Machine left without incident, as can be seen in the video, and Clark says no further enforcement action was necessary.

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