Tiger Woods' CBS Interview Denied by Network Because it Wanted More Than Five-Minute Interview

CBS has declined an opportunity to speak with beleaguered sex-great Tiger Woods because Tiger would only allow a five-minute interview.

Really? Turning down one of the most sought-after interviews in the world right now over a time requirement? Someone should tell CBS it takes a lot less than five minutes to ask Tiger the only question most people care about: So, why'd you bang all those chicks?

Tiger granted similar five-minute interviews to ESPN and The Golf Channel over the weekend, where nothing was off-limits.

ESPN golf analyst Tom Rinaldi didn't hold back too much in time with Woods but didn't press Tiger on one of the more interesting issues surrounding his "sex addiction."

Rinaldi asked Tiger whether his wife, Elin, was responsible for injuries he suffered on Thanksgiving night, when Tiger's web of poon began to unravel after a late-night car wreck at his Florida home.

The popular theory is that Elin chased Woods out of the home with a golf club, hitting him, and causing him to run the car he was driving off the road.

Tiger managed to sneak out of answering the question with little resistance from Rinaldi, which is what CBS says it hopes to avoid.

Throughout the ESPN interview, Rinaldi was rushed because of his five-minute time limit and even told Tiger beforehand that he apologized if he had to interrupt him during the course of the interview to get to other topics.

CBS says it is more important to them to get Tiger on the record in an extended interview. 

"Depending on the specifics, we are interested in an extended interview without any restrictions on CBS," the network's sports spokeswoman, LeslieAnne Wade, tells the Associated Press.

In other words, CBS wants Tiger to cry like on Barbara Walters.

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