Tom Horne Sending Cash to Mohave County Sheriff's Office to Patrol Colorado City

The Arizona Legislature didn't really feel the need to replace the police force in Colorado City with deputies from the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, so Attorney General Tom Horne's pulling out Plan B.

The AG's office announced today that it's sending $420,000 to the Sheriff's Office for overtime pay to patrol the city, on top of the Warren Jeffs kiss-asses that are supposed to be policing the town.

Colorado City, the spot on the Utah/Arizona border that the child-rapist Jeffs used to call home -- and remains the home to members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- currently is patrolled by marshals whom Horne believes are loyal to Jeffs instead of the law.

The funding provides for the deputies to patrol the city 16 hours a day, but as the AG's office puts it, "The hours will be staggered, so that wrongdoers can feel the presence of the Sheriff's Office 24 hours a day."

"This action is necessary because of evidence that local police placed their allegiance to Warren Jeffs over their duty to enforce the law objectively, regardless of people's religion," Horne says in a statement. "A vote to replace local Police with the Sheriff's Office narrowly failed in the Legislature this year, and this grant will serve as a bridge until next year, when hopefully the legislation with pass."

Considering all the crap that's pushed through the Legislature these days, it doesn't seem like it would've been an outrageous to replace a police force that carries out the wishes of a convicted child rapist.

Horne and others brought up several legitimate concerns about the marshals as Horne cites findings from the state House Committee on Government:

  1. All were loyal to Warren Jeffs rather than the law;
  2. If one were not totally loyal to Warren Jeffs, he would lose his job, his wives and his children;
  3. That when girls try to escape from their harems, local police catch them and drag them back, so that they are prisoners;
  4. That local police have participated in expelling about 1,000 young men to other cities or highways (to hitchhike) so that the old men can dominate the young girls without competition;
  5. ...[I]t is useless to go after the police officers one at a time because they are replaced by other FLDS officers loyal to Jeffs.

The AG's office says the $420,000 comes from asset-forfeiture funds that come from drug prosecutions, and the feds have approved this grant.

Horne's going to try to get legislators to pass his bill next session, which doesn't explicitly call for the removal of Colorado City's police force. Here's how the AG's office has previously explained Horne's idea:

The law provides that a local police agency can be decertified if more than half of its individual police officers had their licenses taken away in the previous 8 years. This would include Colorado City, and may apply in other cases as well. However, decertification of the law enforcement agency would not occur unless the Attorney General determined that the problem was systemic, and the County Board of Supervisors would have to vote to have the Sheriff takeover local law enforcement duties. Mohave County officials have indicated their willingness to do that in this case. The Sheriff's office would be paid by the city for law enforcement duties.

Jeffs, meanwhile, still is in prison for raping kids, where he's still acting like a lunatic.

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