Walmart Provides Worthless Response to Inquiries About Employee Who Reportedly Refused to Sell Jared Loughner Ammo

Following several attempts to get more information about a Walmart employee who reportedly refused to sell Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner ammunition on the morning of Saturday's deadly shooting rampage, the retail giant has finally dignified us with a response -- and it's worthless.

As the story goes, Loughner bought ammunition used in the massacre at a local Walmart hours before the shooting. That, reportdly, was only after an employee at a different Walmart refused to sell the madman bullets.

Initial reports claimed that Loughner tried to buy ammunition from a Tucson Walmart. The salesman, it's been reported, lied to Loughner, telling him he didn't have the ammunition he was requesting. The reports claimed there was something about Loughner that -- not in so many words -- freaked out the salesman.

We want to know what about Loughner was so off-putting that Walmart refused to sell him ammo -- but Walmart won't discuss it.

Since Monday, we've sent Walmart two e-mails and placed several calls to its Arkansas headquarters. Yesterday, we were finally dignified with the following worthless response:

Mr. King.

Received your request for information. With an ongoing law enforcement investigation, any additional comment beyond what we've already provided would be best served coming from law enforcement. Below is the statement we issued to the media earlier this week.

"This is a horrific tragedy. We share in the sadness for those people whose lives were ended too soon and we're praying for the recovery of those who were injured. We are cooperating with federal and local law enforcement agencies and remain in close contact with them. In fact, we actually reached out to the authorities after an associate recognized a picture of Mr. Loughner on t.v. as being someone they had seen in one of our stores. We stand ready to provide any information or video surveillance footage we may have to investigators that can help them as they work to determine all of the facts."

Thank you.

Dan Fogleman, Walmart Spokesperson

Thanks for literally nothin', Walmart.

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