Watch Jan Brewer Brain-Fart Twice While Making Up the Phrase "Belt Bucket"

As Governor Jan Brewer says about the feds, "This is just another . . . (pause) . . . notch in their . . . (pause) . . . belt bucket, if you will."

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-Jan Brewer Blunders that Feds' National Release of Illegal Immigrants Is Payback, Punishment for Arizona

As our colleague Monica Alonzo pointed out yesterday, the rest of the interview not shown in the clip above didn't make much more sense, either.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have released immigrant detainees around the nation, purportedly in the face of budget cuts.

Brewer opined on Fox News that this was punishment for Arizona because Brewer wants a "secure border," despite immigrants' release in states such as New Jersey.

"I think it's pretty obvious that they're doing everything in their power . . . I mean, uh, this is just another . . . (pause) . . . notch in their . . . (pause) . . . belt bucket, if you will."

Heh. Put that in your belt bucket and smoke it.

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