Yes, Deputy Kelly Bocardo Named in MCSO Lawsuit is That Deputy Kelly Bocardo

The Arizona Republic reported yesterday that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is likely to dole out a cool $650,000 in taxpayer coin to the family of a 33-year-old man killed by a motorist who was "pursued recklessly and in violation of law at high speeds by" a Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy.

That deputy was Deputy Ronald Frieberg. Also named in the suit is Deputy Kelly Bocardo, who, according to the suit, "failed to provide critical information to her supervisor so he or she could manage the pursuit."

What the Republic failed to point out is that Kelly Bocardo is the same Kelly Bocardo who appeared as the most vile of all of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's floozies in his reality TV debacle Police Women of Maricopa County (Deputy Amy Duong, you're still cool. Call us?).

Some of Bocardo's greatest hits include telling viewers that "I have the attitude that I will definitely give you an ass-beating if you need one" and "if I have to give you an ass-beating, so be it."

Then there's Bocardo's penis game.

In one episode, Bocardo responds to a traffic dispute between two men, where one of them claimed the other deliberately wouldn't let him switch lanes.

When told the man's actions were done deliberately, Bocardo, looking stunned, says, "I'm thinking 'what do you mean deliberately?'" 

As we pointed out at the time, deliberately means he did it on purpose rather than accidentally -- glad we could help.

With both parties on the side of the highway, Bocardo pulls the wife of the man in the car that supposedly nudged the other car on purpose and asks him an important question: "Is this a case of my penis is bigger than yours?"

See more of Bocardo's over-zealous antics here.

Acting like a thuggish, estrogen-fueled goon on national television aside, Bocardo is one of 280 members of Arpaio's jail-transportation unit who likely benefited from nearly $100 million in misspent jail funds -- and she benefited by being in a reality TV show.

While there were 280 officers paid out of the fund -- Bocardo included -- the Sheriff's Office said in 2009 that it only had 80 officers to transport inmates after failing to get some prisoners to court on time for their hearings.

In other words, the sheriff was using money designated for jail operations to pay for some of his other pet projects -- in Bocardo's case, humiliating the MCSO in a reality TV show.

On the show, none of Bocardo's "ass-beatings" took place anywhere near a jail, and she was presented as a patrol officer -- complete with her own cruiser -- not the low-level inmate-transport officer, the job for which she was supposed to be getting paid.

Bocardo is now the second of Sheriff Joe's reality gals to make unwanted headlines recently. Read about Detective Deb Moyer's claws -- and her husband's face -- here

In any event, Bocardo, it seems, is partially responsible for the $650,000 tab taxpayers will likely have to pick up, compliments of the MCSO -- but what's $650K (on top of nearly $100 million in misspent funds, federal investigations, and drug cartels infiltrating the sheriff's office) when the stockrooms at Valley retail stores are illegal immigrant free, right?

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