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10 Metro Phoenix Chefs Share Their Favorite Arizona-Made Ingredients

From local produce to bread that's made right here in the Valley of the Sun, there are plenty of farmers, bakers, and food artisans making products that taste uniquely Arizonan. And home chefs aren't the only ones who have taken notice of just how much great stuff is being made in metro Phoenix. Chefs all over the Valley are sourcing more and more ingredients from other local food producers, so we asked: What are some of your favorite local products to cook with? 

Michael Rusconi, chef and owner of Rusconi’s American Kitchen

Schreiner's sausage is the first to come to mind. One of my grandmothers was Portuguese, and when I visited her we always had linguica and eggs for breakfast. Linguica is a sausage that originated in Portugal and Schreiner's does a great job with their linguica. I always get the smoked linguica.

Rick Phillips, owner and menu development at Bootlegger's

Although we don’t cook with it, Noble Bread is a big winner for me. We use their bread on all their sandwiches and as accompaniments to all our share plates. 

Samantha Sanz, chef of Talavera 

I have a few favorite locally made products, including Noble Bread. Their sesame bread had me at first crunch! I also love Crow’s Dairy Goat Curds that are so squeaky delish, and the Who Hit John Beer over at Wren House Brewing Company — quite refreshing. I have to add McClendon’s Select; I know his products aren’t made, but rather grown. I think they showcase the way produce should be and taste. Another purveyor who does a great job is Two Wash Ranch. They have these delicious guinea hens and Cornish hens. It is like Christmas when I get to make pâté out of their fatty livers!        

Jake Stucky, executive chef of Topgolf Gilbert 

Wendell Crow of Crow’s Dairy makes some of the best chevre and goat's milk I have ever had. I love the honey from Agritopia, and my wife even uses it to help with her seasonal allergies. My wife and I like to visit Gilbert’s farmers market as well for local produce.
Cruz Robles, chef of Bevvy

I love cooking with beer, like adding it to soup and sauces. And fortunately, Arizona has some really good breweries to choose from: Four Peaks, San Tan, Gold Water — I could go on and on.

Rory Hewitt, executive chef of Phoenix City Grille

My favorite local producers include Ramona Farms — I love their white tepary beans, garbanzo beans, and Pima corn. Owners Terry and Ramona Button are very special people truly dedicated to their craft.

Julie Moreno, owner and chef of Jewel's Bakery and Cafe

We love local honey from Honey Hive Farms. We use it in our breads, peanut ginger sauce, and our famous honey Sriracha for our chicken and waffles.

Akos Szabo, chef of soon-to-open MATCH Cuisine & Cocktails at FOUND: RE hotel 

For me, hands down, is the goat's milk quark from Crows Dairy! It is one of the best things I have ever eaten, and is super versatile in a great deal of applications.

Chrysa Robertson, chef and owner of Rancho Pinot 

Two Wash Ranch chicken, Hayden Mills polenta and flours, Noble Bread, and anything from our local farmers. 

Garrison Whiting, chef de cuisine of Cowboy Ciao and executive chef of Counter Intuitive 

Some of my favorite locally made products include fresh prickly pears, Danzeisen Dairy’s cream, Bob McClendon’s squash blossoms, olive oils from Queen Creek, and all the amazing and wildly different raw honeys we can get. Arizona has some amazing and unique resources.

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