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11 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a "D" from the County Health Department in September

Bugs, blood, and decaying produce: sounds kind of like a horror flick, right? Well, that's just some of the violations recorded in last month's county health inspections. Unfortunately, that's not all of the bad news reported by health inspectors in their routine check-ins. You might recognize some repeat offenders from previous months who hopefully will clean up their act before the next health inspector's visit.

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The following information was pulled directly from the Maricopa County Department of Environmental Services website:

  • Mariscos Mi Lindo Mazatlan, Phoenix
  • "A large container of tomato sauce were found molded in the walk in cooler."

  • Baskin Robbins, 13220 W. Van Buren Street, Goodyear
  • "...construction materials stock piled throughout the kitchen and cluttering the mop sink area and the non-functional, disconnected water heater must be removed from the premises"

  • Gertrude's, Phoenix
  • "Various cooked foods in the walk-in cooler noted past their seven day date mark date for discard (cous cous dated 9/16 - discard 9/22, ham stock 9/12 & 9/17 - discard 9/18 & 9/23, mushroom stock 8/18, red onion jam 5/6, bacon onion jam 6/9, kim chi 8/29, pork chop au jus 8/21, ham hock 9/17)."

  • Taqueria El Fundador, Phoenix
  • "An accumulation of organic matter was observed encrusted to meat slicer. Person in charge indicated that meat slicer was last used over 4 hours prior to inspection."

  • Julioberto's, Phoenix
  • "Observed raw shrimp being stored over cooked fish in prep cooler across from stove. Raw foods must always be stored below ready to eat foods. Food was rearranged appropriately."

  • Sinbad Groceries, Laveen
  • "Observed dry debris and blood covered on prep table and on the band saw at time of inspection. Per person in charge, he had last used the machine at 8:00 AM to cut up goat meat. An accumulation of organic matter was also observed encrusted to meat slicer behind and on the blade. Person in charge indicated that meat slicer was last used over 4 hours prior to inspection."

  • Mr. Chicken, Phoenix
  • "Found at the grill line, pre-cooked chicken stored in cardboard boxes that had previously held other food items like potatoes. Informed person in charge that food should be stored in food equipment that are smooth and easily cleanable. Person in charge moved fried chicken to metal pans."

  • Gorditas Comarca Lagunera, Phoenix
  • "Person in charge stated that restaurant did not have a food temperature measuring device. He stated that they had bought one but it had been returned to the store on accident."

  • La Estrella Panaderia y Carniceria, Mesa
  • "***THIS IS 3RD CONSECUTIVE VIOLATION!!!*** Owner and PIC not able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge to operate food establishment properly, and without continually putting customers at risk for violations in food code categories ranked as priority/priority foundation; especially those relating to avoiding cross contamination in a cold holding unit, proper cooling of cooked food items, and proper reheating prior to utilizing hot holding unit."

  • Super Carniceria Y Pescaderia Los Alamos, 1640 N. 36th Street, Phoenix
  • "Throughout the establishment there was found live evidence for multiple cockroaches. Those seen walking about were captured and destroyed by the Person In Charge (PIC), but there is obvious evidence that there are multiple others throughout the establishment. Some found between the sinks, and the wall. Some found walking on meat market cutting equipment, and also the floor spaces between the refrigeration units and the floor drains. Also some found in the rear where bathroom and outside door area are located."
For more Maricopa County health inspection reports, visit the county's Environmental Services website.

Editor's Note: This post has been updated to reflect a misrepresentation in the County's listing system.

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