Bao Chow will have unlimited bulgogi rib-eye bao samples on deck at 2019 Tacolandia this Saturday, January 26.EXPAND
Bao Chow will have unlimited bulgogi rib-eye bao samples on deck at 2019 Tacolandia this Saturday, January 26.
Courtesy of Bao Chow

Bao Chow Bringing the Bulgogi to 2019 Tacolandia on Saturday

The third annual Tacolandia is 1 to 5 p.m. this Saturday, January 26, at Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix. This taco festival will feature the city's best taquerias serving up authentic cuisine in the form of unlimited taco samples. We’ll be featuring one restaurant per day till the big day so you can meet the people behind the tacos.

Taqueria No. 1: Bao Chow

Opened in April 2018, Bao Chow is the creation of chef and restaurateur Corey Barnes, who found an ideal venue for her crave-able “Asian tacos” — Yucca Tap Room. We chatted electronically with bar manager and bao pusher Casey Hamilton, who gave us the lowdown on Bao Chow’s upcoming presence at the 2019 Tacolandia. Spoiler, they aren’t actually serving tacos.

Will you be serving bao as well as tacos at Tacolandia, or just the tacos?
We are actually serving our signature Bao Chow bulgogi rib-eye bao exclusively at Tacolandia.

What makes the Bao Chow tacos different from other taco joints?
I feel like we’re different because we offer the best of both worlds by serving our signature baos and tacos! We also have Taco Tuesday beer events every week, that pairs a special bao or taco with the featured brewery of each week.

Are you guys excited for your first Tacolandia?
We are stoked!

Does Bao Chow do many food festivals?
This is our second event but looking forward to doing more!

Why did you feel Tacolandia was a good fit for Bao Chow?
It’s a great fit because of our undying love of baos and tacos and sharing them with our fellow desert dwellers.

Are you really ready to serve unlimited taco samples?
As ready as we’re going to be. Bring your appetites!

A final thought?
I mean, what’s life without tacos?

Y’all ready for this? Purchase your 2019 Tacolandia tickets today.

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