21 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Week Three

Good news: Week two (my week three) of the 21-(now 28)day cleanse was confidence-building and filling.

After repeating the first week of the Fresh Start, 21-day cleanse from SimpleGreenSmoothies.com, moving to the second-week menu and getting some more variety was rewarding. In week two, the plan adds oats. (Make sure yours are certified gluten-free.)

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The oats give your teeth a grain to bite into, and after two weeks of fruits and vegetables, it's a welcome texture.

Breakfast smoothies alternate with granola or baked oatmeal, a hot, filling way to start the day.

There are new green-smoothie recipes, too, including the Cocobanana, which was a tasty trip to the tropics.

The Thai Red Curry, with butternut squash, cauliflower and coconut, served over quinoa, was amazing. It's one of the recipes I'll make again after the cleanse is over. Along with the Muesli Bars, a delicious, filling and convenient snack.

I never felt hungry and, some days, didn't even finish all the food. And still, I lost another handful of pounds. I also felt like I had more energy. And, intellectually, I know my body is enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables it's getting, along with the lack of caffeine and junk food.

We all know that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, so things are starting to feel more familiar and manageable.

When we had some old friends come to town and took them out to eat at The Parlor Pizzeria, I quickly focused on the salad options, and found the perfect salad for my cleanse: Sweet Potato. It is made of Cavalo Nero, which means black kale, a very dark-green variety, roasted, sliced sweet potatoes pickled apples, Marcona almonds, and a tart vinaigrette. All on the plan. All delicious. And no guilt.

I'm feeling like week three (my week four) will be a snap. Stay tuned and find out.

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