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5 Gift Ideas for the Whiskey Lover: Chow Bella Gift Guides 2014

Stumped for what to buy those special someones on your list? Let Chow Bella do the shopping -- or at least the browsing -- with our 2014 gift guides. Today: Gifts for the whiskey lover.

AZ Bitters Lab bitters $18.95/4 oz. bottle

Bill and Lillian Buitenhuys, the husband and wife team behind AZ Bitters Lab, take their cocktails seriously -- probably not unlike the whiskey enthusiast in your life. Their hand-crafted bitters come in a variety of unique flavors including Orange Sunshine, Mas Mole, Figgy Pudding (our personal favorite with both whiskey and coffee), and the newly introduced Mi Casa bitters, "a complex blend of twelve trade route herbs and spices including cinnamon, galangal, ginger, & myrrh." A drop or two of these locally-made concoctions will become a well-appreciated secret weapon for any at-home drink maker. The company's website even features recipes for AZ Bitters Lab-infused cocktails such as a classic Manhanntan and Old Fashioned.

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