5 Gifts for the Single Person: Chow Bella Gift Guides

Stumped for what to buy those special someones on your list? Let Chow Bella do the shopping -- or at least the browsing -- with our 2014 gift guides. Today: gifts for the single person.

Magic Bullet Blender $39.99-49.99 Department Stores Everywhere

The truth is, you never really know how much you need a Magic Bullet until you get one. It turns out, the single-serving blender can be used to make everything from smoothies to cocktails for your drinking-for-one needs, and it's actually a quick way to sloppily chop soft fruits and vegetables once you get the hang of it. Unlike a full-size blender, there's not a whole lot of cleanup, and you don't have to make a tremendous portion when you're the only one eating/drinking.

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O.H.S.O. Gift Card Varies Available at O.H.S.O.

You know what's an awesome way to meet people? Bring your adorable dog (or your friend's adorable dog) to a restaurant/bar that specializes in beers and canines. Think of it as a dog park, but with food and beer, and it happens to be pretty popular among the young professional crowd on weekend afternoons. We're not guaranteeing interaction with the opposite sex, but it's tough to find a better setup for it.

George Foreman Evolve Grill $129.99 Target.com

Let's get one thing straight, we've cooked a lot of things on a George Foreman grill that should probably never have been cooked on a George Foreman grill. Thankfully, ol' Foreman has caught up with us. The days of just closing the top and hoping for the best are long gone, as the Evolve has a number of different settings and accessories, like muffin tins, and still gives you the same quick and easy cleanup of its predecessors. Where was this when we were in college?

Tour de Tavern $35.00-525.00 TourDeTavern.com

What could be more fun than sitting around and drinking beer? Sitting around at a giant trolley-looking counter while you're pedaling through Scottsdale and drinking beer! All right, so maybe it's only a treat for some people, but it's a pretty sweet way to spend the afternoon. You can buy that bachelor in your life a single seat for as cheap as $35, or rent out the entire tour for up to 15 people. Either way, you'll be helping them drink some beer and see the town, all while getting a little exercise.

Strong Beer Festival Tickets $45-75 ArizonaBeerWeek.com

If only there was somewhere that people could go on Valentine's Day 2015 to get excessively drunk on premium craft beers that pack an extra punch... Oh wait, that's exactly what the Strong Beer Festival 2015 will be. Really though, if you already know your single friend/family member isn't going to have a date for Valentine's Day, you might as well go ahead and buy him/her a pair of tickets to this festival. Maybe he/she will bring a friend and they find romance together while drinking 80+ ounces of beer.

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