9 St. Patrick's Day Parties in Metro Phoenix: Food and Drink Edition

With St. Patrick's Day landing on a Monday, this year the celebration starts on Friday and goes for a long four-day weekend. That means there's every reason to partake in a little Irish culture with traditional food and all varieties of imbibing, whether you prefer after-work drinks on Friday, singing Irish drinking songs and downing green beers on Saturday, eating Irish-whiskey marinated salmon before a concert at the MIM on Sunday, or drinking with Verne Troyer (a.k.a. Mini Me) on St. Paddy's.

Rosie McCaffrey's

What better place is there in town to join the party than an Irish-owned, Irish-operated pub? The regular menu has all the typical bar food with a Celtic twist: Irish Reuben egg rolls, Irish corned beef tacos, Harp-battered onion rings, and Quigley's quesadilla topped with either chicken or corned beef. There also are large plates of Guinness lamb stew, bangers and mash, corned beef and cabbage boxty (Irish potato pancakes), and Kell's meatloaf sandwich with corned beef and bacon. Finish your St. Patrick's meal with Irish whiskey bread pudding.

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