AZ Wine Festival and Pomegranate Spritzers in Today's Eater's Digest

AZ Wine Festival and Pomegranate Spritzers in Today's Eater's Digest

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Tempe Festival of the Wine
Guess what's happening this weekend? It's the Tempe Arts Festival but this time around there's going to be more then just booths full of original art from over 400 artists and crafters. There's also going to be wine. Lots of wine. And it's all from the Arizona wineries. 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday stop by the AZ Wine Festival as the Tempe Arts Festival on Seventh Street just west of Mill Ave. for a wine tasting from twelve of the state's top wineries. Jerome Winery, Bitter Creek, Page Springs Cellars and more will be on hand with their reds and whites. $12 scores you six tasting tickets and your very own tasting glass. Additional tasting tickets can be purchased or if you find a wine you like you can purchase an entire glass or a bottle to take home. 

If beer is more your style, make your way over to the "The Art Of Beer" area, which will also be located on Seventh, for samples of bubbly from three Arizona breweries -- Four Peaks, Sleepy Dog, and Dave Electric. Purchase five tasting tickets for $10 or a pint of your favorite for $5. Click here for more Art Fest info. 

Pom Spritzers

There has been one lone pomegranate sitting on the counter of a certain someone's kitchen for the last three days. We're not really sure where it came from and shockingly we haven't eaten a pomegranate since we were about 8 years old so we're a little lost on what to do with the thing. Good thing we just bought a fancy new juicer. As soon as we release all of the tiny red seeds from their captive shell we're throwing them in the new machine and making this lovely Pomegranate Citrus Spritzer from The Fresh Fridge. We hope it's as tasty as it sounds! Click here to check out the recipe. 

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