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Be Sure to Properly Store Your Itch-Relieving Medication — The May D-List

Last month's health inspection offenders.
Last month's health inspection offenders.
Last month's health inspection offenders. Claudio Schwarz/Unsplash
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Every week, the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department grades restaurants after completing routine health inspections. A D grade means the establishment has committed three or more "priority item" violations (which can directly contribute to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury, according to the MCESD) or four or more "priority foundation item" violations (which are indirect). At the beginning of each month, Phoenix New Times rounds up the restaurants that received a D grade the previous month and hand-pick observations from the weekly reports, listed below.

JL Smokehouse Fusion BBQ

2010 East Broadway Road

“Observed packaged raw beef above the spinach and lettuce in the reach in refrigerator unit. The PIC reorganized the unit so the beef is now below all ready to eat foods.”

“Observed a can of store bought pesticide stored on a rack next to the reach in refrigerator. The pesticide was discarded during the inspection.”

Smashburger No. 1415

2904 South Santan Village Parkway, #104, Gilbert

“Observed raw shelled eggs in cooler drawer stored behind black beans. Discussed cross contamination with person in charge. All items from cooler were removed and relocated to walk-in.”

“Observed a bottle of Advil stored on a shelf above prep-table. Medicine was relocated at time of inspection.”

Main Event Entertainment

1735 South Santan Village Parkway, Gilbert

“Observed raw chicken in the walk-in stored with the cooked chicken. All chicken was taken out to be cooked to 165F.”

“Observed cooked breaded chicken in a bowl next to the fryer with internal temps of 76F. Chicken was discarded at time of inspection.”

“Observed spray nozzle attached to a hose, attached to the mop sink. Discontinue this practice.”

New York Bagels 'N Bialys

1455 North Scottsdale Road, #110, Scottsdale

“In the cooler drawers beneath the flat top grill, observed raw hamburger patties and packages of raw steak stored above whole spinach, onions and peppers.”

“In the prep style cooler in the bagel area, observed various deli cheeses with internal temperatures between 50-52*F as well as various flavors of cream cheese between 44-52*F when measured with a probe thermometers.”

Ramen Kagawa

111 West Monroe Street, #130

“In the main prep table, observed a pan of dumplings containing raw pork stored directly over noodles. Also in the walk-in fridge, observed the same dumplings with raw pork stored directly above a container of miso. Had PIC move the raw items to the bottoms shelves.”

“At the three compartment sink, observed an employee actively washing dishes. The employee was observed submerging two pans for less than 15 seconds in the quat sanitizer solution. Per sanitizer manufacture's instructions, items shall be submerged in the sanitizer for at least 60 seconds in order to properly sanitize.”

Red Wok Buffet

3434 East Thomas Road

“In the sushi station reach-in fridge, a plate with raw tuna and raw salmon was stored above packages of ready to eat seaweed salad and ready to eat edamame. In the reach-in fridge by the ovens an open plastic bin of raw shrimp was stored on a wire rack shelf above several trays of ready to eat imitation crab mixed with ready to eat vegetables.”

“A bottle of medication containing amoxicillin was stored directly on top of the prep table fridge and cutting board. A spray bottle of pain and itch relieving medication was also stored above the prep table.”

Barro's Pizza

2485 East Baseline Road, #158

“Observed an employee not following the handwashing procedure. Handwashing lasted for less than 15 seconds and lathered and rinsed hands at the same time.”

“Shut-off nozzle connected to hose at mop sink faucet downstream of the atmospheric vacuum breaker.”
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