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Bird Poop Coffee Is the Newest Thing to Hit the Poop Coffee World

Believe it or not the "poop coffee world" is, like, a real thing. Because now in addition to tree-dwelling cat poop coffee and elephant poop coffee (and human poop coffee, apparently) you can also buy bird poop coffee. As in coffee that's been brewed with beans digested by birds.

And it will only cost you about $24 a pound. What a deal.

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The coffee comes from a farm in Brazil where Henrique Sloper discovered Jacu birds eating his coffee berries at an alarming rate. At first, he was dismayed, he told Modern Farmer, but then he realized he could lemonade out of lemons, so to speak.

He was inspired by his experience with cat poop coffee.

"I realized I could try something similar with Camocim and the Jacu bird, but coming up with the idea was only half the battle," Sloper says. "The real challenge lay in convincing my coffee pickers that instead of berries, they needed to be hunting for bird shit."

Thus, the bird poop coffee was born.

As with all poop coffees, the draw is supposed to be that using pooped-out beans makes the final product taste better. For example this bird poop coffee has "a unique, nutty flavor with nuances of sweet aniseed," according to Sloper.

For some background, we'll go back and take a look at elephant poop coffee (technically called Black Ivory Coffee), which is made by feeding pachyderms Thai Arabica beans. That product came about after much fuss was made over cat poop coffee (or, kopi luwak) which is made from beans eaten and digested by palm civets, or toddy cats. Unlike with the elephants, these tree cats naturally eat coffee berries, which might make it slightly less weird. But still weird.

Cat poop coffee can also cost up to $80 a cup -- but don't worry because now there's a way to make sure you're getting real poop coffee, not that fake, poop-less stuff.

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