Blades of glory: Japanese cutlery at Phoenix Knife House

Chefs and samurai have something in common: their blades.

Samurai might have lost their right to carry swords in the mid-19th century, but that doesn't mean that the sword-making tradition disappeared in Japan. In the case of the Kikuichi swordsmiths, who used to produce swords for the Emperor, their craft evolved into knife-making. Today, the 700-year-old Kikuichi Cutlery still produces both traditional Japanese knives and Western-style knives.

A Kikuichi represenative, Mr. Hiro Hirano, will be at the Phoenix Knife House this Sunday, from 3:30 to 5 p.m., to display a variety of cutlery, from the Honyaki Yanagi (forged with the same techniques as a samurai sword) to the Blue Damascus. The shop will be offering a ten-percent discount on Kikuichi orders and purchases that day. Call 480-946-2758 for info; Phoenix Knife House is located at 4110 N Goldwater Blvd, Suite 209 (on the second floor), in Scottsdale.

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