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Bombay Spice Donates To Fire Recovery Fund and Rhubarb Mojitos in Today's Eater's Digest

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Bombay Spice is So Nice

North Phoenix's contemporary Indian cuisine restaurant Bombay Spice wants to help out the victims of the devastating Wallow fires by donating 15 % of this weeks sale to the American Red Cross - that means you have just a few days days left to contribute. Stop by for lunch, dinner or even happy hour for $20 bottles of wine or a couple of Bombay's healthy, gluten-free entrée's. Most of the menu is under 500 calories and a haven for vegetarian and vegan fare, but still somehow it still packs in the flavor. Check out the full menu at www.bombayspice.com

Who needs a drink? I know we do and Arctic Garden Studio's Rhubarb Mojito looks like a winner.  Sweet rhubarb simple syrup mixed with a squeeze of tart lime juice and muddle mint. The perfect cocktail to start your day end your hectic day with. 

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