Guilty Pleasures

Burger King's Halloween Whopper Is Scarily Similar to Its White Sibling

The Guilty Pleasure: A.1. Halloween Whopper Sandwich
Where to Get It: Burger King
Price: $4.99
What it Really Costs: The dream that a Big Mac x Whopper collaboration could one day happen.

Burger King put out a Whopper that has a black bun, and it's turning people's poop green.

In all actuality, that’s what every headline about this controversial sandwich should read, because there’s really very little else to separate it from a regular Whopper. (To be fair, it didn't turn our poop green, but it allegedly turned our friend's poop green.)

There are no two ways about it, eating something surrounded in pitch black bread is a little strange. It doesn’t look quite as gothically cool as it does in the official photos (as seen above), but it still appears as if someone soaked the sandwich in ink before serving it to you.

According to BK, the bun is actually infused with A.1. (you know, the steak sauce you either love or hate) flavoring, but there must be little enough of it that the human tongue can’t detect it. Sure, there’s some A.1. sauce on the burger itself, but even that only adds relatively minimal tangy flavoring to the burger itself.

If you’ve never eaten a Whopper before (maybe you’ve been restricted to a vegetarian diet for your entire life but now that meat is served on black buns the non-conformist goth child in you can’t resist), we’d recommend you do that immediately. The burger itself isn't great (it's not In-N-Out by any means), but the combination of everything from pickles and tomatoes to the seemingly scientific amounts of ketchup and mayo really do create a delightful fast food burger. In short, it’s worth eating at least once.

Why else should you eat a Whopper? Well, it’s culturally important. Outside of the Big Mac, the Whopper is probably the best-known fast food item in American history, and it’s necessary that you eat at least one (of each) in your life to consider yourself a red-blooded carnivorous American.

Do you need to eat the Halloween one? That’s up to you. If you’re a sucker for limited-edition items and/or abide by the “all black everything” rule, then you probably should. If you’re just looking to spend $5 (plus tax) and 700-ish calories on a cheeseburger, then there’s no real reason to rush to Burger King while the Halloween-themed promotion is going on.

Personally, we like it. But that’s because after eating countless regular-looking burgers, it’s nice to have something that looks exotic (even if it tastes exactly the same). The world should stop being so judgmental against black food. It’s all the same on the inside, and Johnny Cash would probably approve.
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Josh Chesler
Contact: Josh Chesler