Cafe: RnR

Cafe: RnR

Decor is nice, but the true substance of a restaurant should be measured in its edible content. Hence the critique of RnR in this week's "Cafe" column.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on RnR:

So, breakfast. I might've liked the Sundried Scramble if it had been hot. Chopped sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and creamy chunks of goat cheese added perky flavor to scrambled eggs. I didn't care for the bland homefries, though. A housemade berry scone was crumbly and dry, not worth three bites. Amish French toast, dressed up with cinnamon, maple butter, strawberries, and chantilly cream, was barely cooked -- and flat-out cold by the time our server brought syrup.

I had a bit more luck at lunch and dinner. A fresh piece of salmon, blackened and served over citrus-tinged spinach salad, was pretty tasty, with a fearless kick. Slices of seared ahi, fanned out on a jumble of cool jicama, carrot, red onion, and snap peas, were scattered with crunchy fried wonton strips and drizzled with spunky soy vinaigrette...full story


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