Caffiend: Hob Nobs' White Chocolate Mocha

Hob Nobs, a quaint beatnik cafe housed in the old Willow House building, retains much of its predecessors' ambiance: hardwood floors, colorful local art on the walls, cramped parking in the back -- but the menu here offers more options, and we dare say the java's just as good.

We stopped by on the first 90-plus degree day of the year for a cold rush of caffeine. We ordered the White Chocolate Mocha, iced, and boy, was it refreshing. This creamy, milky drink went down smoothly, without the overbearing sweetness of many chocolate coffees (you know, the kind that leave a sticky-sweet film on your tongue that you can taste for hours afterward). The flavor was like thinly melted white chocolate and milk, followed by a rich roasted coffee taste. Yum. Chug.

A mild buzz ensued, but nothing like the rampant hyperactivity that comes with a double shot of espresso. So while Hob Nobs' White Chocolate Mocha may not be the best choice to de-zombify yourself in the morning, it makes for a great  "second wind" drink midday.

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