Caffiend: Monster Hitman Energy Shooter

Fans of Monster Energy drinks are in for both disappointment and surprise with the Monster Energy Shooters. We're big fans of the 16-ounce regular Monsters, which taste like carbonated apple juice to us, but the Monster Hitman Energy Shooter was...well, a whole different monster.

The shooter bottles are smaller (just three fluid ounces), but the flavor is more extreme, and not necessarily in a good way. Imagine chugging fruit-flavored children's cough syrup - that's about the taste and consistency of the Hitman Energy Shooter. It's got an aftertaste like Pixie Stix dissolved in club soda.

Thankfully, what the Monster Energy Hitman Shooter lacks in tastiness, it makes up for in energy boosts.

The 5000 mg "energy blend" in the shot includes both caffeine and guarana, and there's also 2000 mg of Taurine and 200 percent of the recommended daily allowance of all B vitamins in the shot. The effects of chugging a Hitman are immediate - a comfortable (but not shaky) pick-me-up, with sustained energy for the next two hours. There's surprisingly little sugar in this shot, compared to other energy drinks (only 6 grams here), so there's no real sugar crash.

When it comes to high-octane energy, the Monster Hitman Energy Shooter delivers. Now, if they could just make it taste good...

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