Chef Doug Robson Plans New Market/Restaurant

It doesn't have a name yet.

But a new market-meets-restaurant that Gallo Blanco chef Doug Robson is working on may be open as early as December.

Robson's renovating a former Coffee Plantation at 48th Street and Warner in Ahwatukee. The freestanding building is in a neighborhood packed with chains, so he's aiming to bring something new and independent to the mix.

Locals will be able to stop by for cooking essentials like organic milk, flour, sugar, meats from the Meat Shop, and local produce. Instead of using plastic containers, Robson says he'll stick to refillable and reuseable containers.

On the restaurant menu, look for meats from a wood-burning rotisserie, pastas, sandwiches, and breakfast items like pancakes. The kitchen lineup will include chef Patrick Fegan (Olive & Ivy, Fiamma) and executive sous chef Christopher Newstrom (Radio Milano), both of whom are currently at Gallo Blanco. Robson himself is staying put.


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