Chicken Mole Poblano from Posie Gets Cozy
Chicken Mole Poblano from Posie Gets Cozy
Posie Gets Cozy

Curl Up with a Good Blog: Posie Gets Cozy

Word has come in from family in Denver that the temperature's in the single digits. We'd swear it's that cold here. We even have the long johns out, and we're taking a vow to stay indoors til spring. 

Looking to curl up with good blog? Let us recommend one of our favorites, Posie Gets Cozy. Alicia Paulson, the author, doesn't live here. And her blog's not really devoted to cooking -- rather, to embroidery and other needle crafts (she's written books on the subject) but among our favorite entries of Paulson's are those about cooking. 

This is clearly a Woman Who Does Everything Better Than You Do, people, but she's so self-effacing about it, you won't mind, though as she warns when she posts pictures of her studio, you might hate her 'cause it's so beautiful. Her food looks darn tasty, too.

Some lovely recent cooking posts: 

We loved Paulson's entry about sour cream apple pie -- in fact, we wish we'd found the recipe before Thanksgiving (let's just say we've dubbed our own homemade effort "sour grapes apple pie," and aren't sure we'll make anything ever again for certain critical family members). 

And this week she hands over the blog to her husband Andy, who's making pizza. The photography on this blog is just gorgeous -- check out the chicken mole poblano she whipped up last month.

This blog will make you want to move to Portland, Oregon, where Paulson lives. But remember: The weather will be a lot like what we've got at the moment, only for several months a year. Maybe better to live cyber-vicariously. 


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