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Date Shake: Shouldn't a Date Shake Come With Two Straws?

With State Parks closing left and right all over the state (Twenty one are scheduled to close by June) we decide we'd better check a few out before they get padlocked. 

This is how we ended up on Interstate 8 between Phoenix and Yuma, headed to the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park. 

Cruising through the desert across southern Arizona we see a couple of signs for Dateland home of the "World Famous Date Shakes". Date shakes? 

It's pouring rain so we drive on by, but later that night we're kicking ourselves for not stopping and getting one. We can't decide if it sounds delicious or disgusting - all the more reason to give it a try. 

So the next day headed back to Phoenix, we take the freeway exit for Dateland and order a shake. 

Dates can be incredibly sweet and fleshy and this is what the shake was like. It was sweet, had lots of date chunks and skins in it, and was oddly addictive swirled with vanilla ice cream. There was also just the faintest taste of cocoa. 

If you'd like to try one and aren't planning a trip to Yuma, you can get one locally in Scottsdale at the Sphinx Ranch open since 1951 (3039 N. Scottsdale Road) They also make the claim that they are renowned for their famous date milkshakes. Who knew? If you try it tell us what you think.

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