Fried: Hanny's P.A.T.


My significant other is a notorious grump -- which has never been more evident than in his initial response to Hanny's, Karl Kopp's new downtown Phoenix hotspot. Here we have a gorgeous old building transformed into a stylin' new space, courtesy of the same people behind Scottsdale's AZ88. Here was a D.J. spinning some real great tunes. And here was a bartender eager to make us martinis.

Significant Other was having none of it. "I thought you said this was a restaurant," he growled. "This is a couple of sandwiches and salads. I want real food."

So that's my warning to any would-be hipsters with cranky boyfriends: This is not the place to get a sit-down dinner. The compact menu has a few appetizers, a few sammys, and a couple of small pizzas. Our waitress promised that there's going to be more to come, but for now, it's pretty slim pickings.

The dishes we had, though, were nicely executed. Every sandwhich comes with onion strings, which are a thin-and-crispy twist on the usual fries, and a little fresh fruit. Mr. Cranky admitted to enjoying his bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizer. We both liked the cauliflower-and-pepper stir fry, in spite of our initial skepticism at its description. And I was more than happy with my P.A.T.

So what's a P.A.T., you ask?

As longtime readers may recall, I am a huge BLT fan. This was Hanny's take on it, and while it wasn't quite as good as the killer sandwich over at Digestif, it was pretty good. Pancetta, arugula, and tomato on a English muffin. The pancetta combines perfectly with the slightly bitter greens, and the muffin adds a hint of sourdough, making it a much more complex treat than the BLTs of my youth. It really hit the spot. 

I won't be taking Crabby Old Boyfriend back to Hanny's until they roll out a longer menu. But, in the meantime, I'll be happily showing up for those fabulous little cocktails, that DJ, and a P.A.T. with onion strings. Phoenix is lucky to have a place so original and lovely -- even if your average Hungry Man doesn't yet realize it. -- Sarah Fenske

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