The Poutine Entreé with sherry gravy, smoked cheese curds, and pickled red onions.
The Poutine Entreé with sherry gravy, smoked cheese curds, and pickled red onions.
Chloe Nordquist

Frites Street Food Truck Serves Belgian Fries With Scratch-Made Toppings

A new food truck has rolled into town, and it goes by the name of Frites Street. Combining Belgium frites with homemade sauces and toppings, the truck operators pride themselves on their 100 percent homemade menu.

"If it's on our menu, we made it," says co-owner Braden Jones. "If you want to make good food, you gotta make it yourself."

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Frites Street offers thick-cut double-fried French fries in a variety of entreés and with different sauces. The fries are made to have a thick crunch on the outside and a mashed potato texture on the inside.

The dishes on the Frites Street menu range from an Asian chicken frite with housemade kimchee and pickled onions to a black bean chili with pepper jack cheese and poblano vinaigrette. Though the fries will remain the same, the toppings will change over time, according to Jones.

The concept has been in the making for two years, but the truck debuted and began serving food around the Valley in early April. Jones co-owns Frites Street with business partner Flip Isard.

"From a financial standpoint, start-up [for a food truck] is a lot less," Jones says. "It also allows us to experiment with new things and carry a specialized product."

This is Jones' first food truck, and he says it won't be his last. His dreams may take him off the street entirely.

"We'd like to have a brick and mortar eventually," he says.

For now, Frites Street can be found around town serving up cones of frites, poutine, and even fry-stuffed breakfast burritos.

You can view the truck's schedule on the Frites Street food truck website.

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