IKEA's Chocolate Toffee Spread Is Like Nutella, Only Better

The Guilty Pleasure: Chokladkrokant Bredbar Where To Get It: IKEA, Warner Road and I-10 Price: About three bucks a jar What it Really Costs: You can't resist picking up a lamp and and end table while you're there, can you?

One of the best-kept secrets at IKEA, that titan of cheap yet stylish flat-packed furniture, is the little food market at the end of the labyrinthine store. No, I'm not talking about the restaurant upstairs with the Swedish meatballs. (Beaver Choice's meatballs are way better anyway). I'm also not talking about the stand with the cheap hot dogs and frozen yogurt, but you're getting warmer there.

Right next to the hot dogs is a little grocery store. Odds are good you've walked right past it without giving it a second thought. The next time you're at IKEA, take a look around in there, there's some pretty cool stuff.

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In addition to exotically flavored drink syrups (such as lingonberry and elderflower) and take-home packs of frozen meatballs and gravy (just add potatoes), there are also some fascinating sweets available. One that caught my eye on a recent visit was Chokladkrokant Bredbar, translated on the label as "Chocolate flavor spread with caramel candy pieces". Since I already have both a jar of Nutella and a jar of Biscoff Spread right next to the breadbox, it was a given that I should try it.

This stuff is possibly the most indulgent thing I've ever put on toast. It's similar to Nutella, but since there's no nuts there's no claiming it's even remotely healthy. In place of Nutella's hazelnuts, there's a small galaxy of tiny toffee bits mixed in. It's reminiscent of crushed Heath bars, but with more chocolate flavor.

What's the best way to enjoy this chocolate-toffee spread? It's hard for me to say. Anywhere that one would deploy Nutella or Biscoff Spread, this spread works equally well, if not even better. The obvious application is to spread it on toast to make it the unbalanced part of an otherwise balanced breakfast. It's great on waffles as either brunch or dessert. I've also warmed up the jar so it's extra gooey and poured it on good vanilla ice cream.

But most of the time, it doesn't even get that far. Everyone around the house has been seen on more than one occasion licking it right off a spoon.

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