Monday Night Martha, Sandwich Time

We've made it to that week between Christmas and New Year's. The final week of the year 2009. The pressure is off. We don't need to wrap or bake or buy anything. This week we are not going to worry if our dishes match, or our floors need mopping. It is time to relax and reflect. Sleep in. Read a book. Watch movies. Use up what has already been prepared in the days and weeks before. It is, in fact, the perfect time for a sandwich.

We have leftover ham at our house, and so we turn to Martha to divine a sandwich for us. She does not disappoint with this ham and fontina number. It's a simple thing made with peasant style bread, grainy mustard, watercress, fontina cheese and smoked ham.

The slightly nutty flavor and creamy texture of the fontina play against the salty, smoky ham. Throw in the mildly spicy pop of watercress and mustard and we were totally satisfied. Best part of all, preparation and clean-up were a snap, leaving us plenty of time to make it to that screening of Avatar or just flop on the couch.


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