No Reservations does a drive-by

By Michele Laudig


So Tony Bourdain finally comes to Phoenix, and the only thing that merits attention to this city -- or hell, this state -- is a two-foot chili dog from Cooperstown?

I still don't know if the brief AZ segment pissed me off, made me sad, or simply bored me to tears. No offense to Alice Cooper or Randy Johnson, but there's just so much more to this place than the Big Unit wiener. In Tony's four-state road trip through the Southwest, it would seem that he spent all of an hour in the Valley.

Actually, the most exciting part of the show was the commercial for next week's episode, where he goes back to Tokyo. I will consider that the consolation prize.

In a related note, Guy Fieri's Food Network show Drive-In, Diners, and Dives (which profiled Matt's Big Breakfast a few months ago and blessed/cursed the place with an hour-long wait) visited Aunt Lena's Creamery in Chandler for an upcoming episode. Titled "Brain Freeze," it was allegedly scheduled to run next Monday, but now the producer's on vacay and the air date remains unconfirmed. (***Update: Yes, according to the owner of Aunt Lena's, that date on their website is unconfirmed, and the episode is not yet listed on the show's own site.)

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