The Jibarito uses two plantains to create the sandwichEXPAND
The Jibarito uses two plantains to create the sandwich
Phoenix Coqui

Phoenix Gets a Puerto Rican Food Truck

Take a traditional pork sandwich, remove the bread, and put the filling between fried plantains. A food truck called Phoenix Coqui ("ko-kee") is doing just that, as well as serving up other Puerto Rican dishes, featuring both traditional and nontraditional specialties.

"There's a lot of confusion with what is Puerto Rican food," says founder Alexis Carbajal. "It's savory, not spicy."

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The head chef, Juan Alberto Ayala, is a Puerto Rico native. He uses his grandmother's recipes as inspiration for Phoenix Coqui. The menu is meat-centric. Options include include empanadillas (Puerto Rican empanadas), flan, and nontraditional sandwiches such as the El Jibarito, made with pork, lettuce, and garlic-mayo, and its unique fill-in for bread, plantains.

Phoenix Coqui has been around Phoenix since 2017.EXPAND
Phoenix Coqui has been around Phoenix since 2017.

Both Carbajal and Ayala lived in Puerto Rico before launching Phoenix Coqui as a catering service in 2015. Ayala and Carbajal launched the food truck last year.

Other traditional menu options include Mofongo con Carne Frita, a popular Puerto Rican dish of pork and fried plantains. Another option is the truck's fries topped with pork, chicken, ham, and garlic-mayo sauce.

If you eat at the truck, let us know how the Mofongo tastes.

Phoenix Coqui. Hours and location change; 602-206-7520.

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