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Don't Be Chicken: Try the Duck Wings at These 3 Places in Metro Phoenix

Where to find duck wings in metro Phoenix, including Ocotillo Restaurant.
Where to find duck wings in metro Phoenix, including Ocotillo Restaurant. Diana Brandt
When it comes to niche appetizers, duck wings are up there. Much like a plate of hot wings except with a little something extra — tender, delicious duck meat.

However, this enjoyable and shareable starter dish can be a little hard to find in a sea of chicken wing joints (not that we’re complaining), so we’ll make it easy for you. Here are three places to find duck wings in the Valley.

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The stackable Crispy Duck Wings at Frank & Albert’s.
Frank & Albert’s
Frank & Albert’s
2400 East Missouri Avenue

Though consider a for-the-table order, we wouldn’t blame you for bumping this dish up to an entrée level. The crispy duck wings at Frank & Albert’s are smothered in a hoisin glaze, and topped with scallion, toasted sesame seeds, and pickled Fresno chili. The crispy duck wings are found on both the lunch and dinner menu for $16 — so you’re safe no matter what time you show up to the Biltmore Fashion Park for duck wings.

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Helton Brewing Company offers duck wings of the week – baked, not fried.
Helton Brewing Co.
Helton Brewing Company
2144 East Indian School Road

It’s no secret beer joints often have great food to go along with their in-house brews. Helton Brewing Co. is an onsite taproom and full-service kitchen with a small menu starting with small plates — and that’s where you’ll find the duck wings of the week for $10. “We wanted to do a healthy approach to offering wings,” owner Brian Helton says. “They are baked, not fried. And we rotate the sauce on a weekly basis. I love duck and wanted to have something unique.” Their duck wings in every way from Korean-style to smothered in traditional sauce.

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Ocotillo Restaurant's Crispy Duck Wings are this side of famous.
Diana Brandt
Ocotillo Restaurant
3243 North 3rd Street

Aside from spacious patio dining and famous chicken, Ocotillo is known for its impressive small plates — one of which being the crispy duck wings. Take the duck wings, crisp them out, and then add spicy red curry sauce and sprinkle on some scallions and roasted peanuts. They look as amazing as they taste. You get six per order at $15 a dish.

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And do try the Duck Fat Sriracha Confit Wings at Clever Koi.
Clever Koi
Bonus! Clever Koi
Multiple Locations

The confit wings at Clever Koi are the best of both worlds if you’d like a little duck taste with your chicken wings. This Asian-inspired restaurant offers the duck fat Sriracha wings, complete with pickled chiles and cilantro. We also recommend adding the black garlic ranch.
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