Roasted Brussels Sprouts at The Gladly in Phoenix

Where: The Gladly
Dish: Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Price: $12 

The Setting: The vibe at The Gladly is sort of swanky-lite  — fancy without the pomp and circumstance of other high-end places. It's a restaurant we come to on special date nights when we don't want to break the bank, and even though it's right on Camelback Road, we love the openness of the floor-to-ceiling windows. The only thing we're not huge fans of is the weird wallpaper.  The green arrow-tail=like pattern seems out of place to us among the otherwise upscale, rustic decor.

The Dish: Though the roasted Brussels sprouts (served with corn grits, Pecorino Romano, and truffle oil) is listed as an appetizer/small plate (depending on whether you're ordering off the lunch or dinner menu), the richness of the dish renders it a perfectly suitable meal if you're not super-hungry. The sprouts themselves have a rich roast on their flat faces but are tender and devoid of the crispiness we figured would accompany such a gorgeous color. The insides of the Brussels sprouts are mild and offer a nice counterpoint to the intense flavor and saltiness of the rest of the dish. 

The corn grits beneath the Brussels sprouts are sweet and ridiculously creamy, and the kernels themselves are mixed throughout to give it some texture. The whole dish is topped with flakes of sharp Pecorino Romano cheese. We're a sucker for anything truffle, and the generous pour of truffle oil over this dish did not disappoint. 

The Best Part: Let's be honest: This isn't a particularly healthy dish, with who knows how much cream in the grits and the additional fat from the truffle oil. However, the richness of the ingredients and the freshness of the Brussels sprouts are a great combination. And if The Gladly ever offered a bowl of the grits and truffle oil alone, we'd order it, too. 

The One Thing We'd Change: As a meatless and fairly small "small dish," the price point is a little high, but the luxurious flavor is on point — which is why we find ourselves ordering the roasted Brussels sprouts every time we eat at The Gladly.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.